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3 Things Marketers Must Pay Attention to Maximize Brand Impact

Marketing, Branding, Digital Camapigns

Leesa Eichberger, head of brand marketing at Farmers Group shares her phenomenon of “democratization in media.” She emphasized on 3 main factors that Marketers must apply to their brand strategy before it’s too late.

Marketing, Branding, Digital Camapigns
Leesa Eichberger, addressing at Brandweek. Photo Credits: Twitter Account of Leesa Eichberger.

As the world has understood the concept of digital age and its evolution, more and more agencies have come forward to offer services. In parallel, brands have outpoured from all corners to compete with their rivals and win over each other.

Over the past couple of years, Social Media has played an exceptional role in providing companies of all sizes the opportunity to put their brand story out in considerably less marketing spend.

Leesa Eichberger, head of brand marketing at Farmers Insurance Group of Companies explains this change as a “democratization in media.” During her talk at Brandweek, she paid special emphasis on how brands can visibly stand out to the right audience at the right time without wasting time and the allocated budget.

Know and understand your audience

The most preposterous thing in an ad strategy could be: targeting the wrong audience. Eichberger shared that she was constantly being targeted by an Applebees’ ad about free meals for kids. To her surprise, she never eats at Applebees and has no kids. How can they be so wrong if they have been collecting all the consumer data?

As the News In Store team corresponded with some of the local mates in Karachi, Pakistan, they shared similar experiences regarding digital campaigns. There are times when an ad is directed to a customer who has already bought the product which is quite frustrating and clearly identifies the lack in retargeting strategy, says Zoya Rasool – a common online shopper. She once bought two ‘Kurtas’ from but the same ad kept appearing for over two weeks after the purchase until she blocked the site.

With all the data being collected on consumers, Eichberger says, it’s a “great opportunity for brands big and small to talk to consumers in a really personalized way.”

The bottom line is: Marketers waste a lot of time, energy and resources if they lack awareness in data analytics and yet frustrate the prospects as well. Let people accept you from heart and soul, don’t just scream at people with bad display ads – do something that people care about; make sure your ads are memorable and reaching the right audience.

Build Strong Customer Relationships

Global companies like Dollar Shave Club, Nike and Casper etc. are B2C companies and are rigorously building relationships with customers, which make people look forward to buying their products. For companies like Walmart and Amazon, they win over multiple factors like pricing, convenience, timely deliveries and many others but at the end, they understand the vendors, customers and work harder for bridging up the gaps while keeping customer satisfaction at the core of their services.

A good relationship with customers can motivate people to pass on the brands to their future generations.

Use every bit of data out there

When marketers talk about data, they need to understand the fact that there’s always a contingency present in the collected data and must not overlook any single bit of the data received because Data talks a lot louder than anything else. Digital marketers have no time to live in silos and shoot campaigns blindly.

Eichberger says companies can learn about how customers like to be reached and what interests them with the help of the data. All it requires is much more precise data extraction and reflection efficiency. Therefore, marketers must evolve to reach out to their customers accordingly.

Today, committing to a customer-centric cross-channel media strategy is the only way to reach the right audience and maximize brand impact while breaking through in this fast-changing media environment.

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Madiha Ahmed
Madiha Ahmed
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