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4th Muharram reminds the story of Al-Hurr Ibn Yazid

Karbala isn’t merely the story of bravery or patience. It is the story of guidance and forgiveness as well.

On the morning of Muharram 4th, the desert of Karbala was scorching. Abbas ibn Ali R.A saw two riders approaching Ahul e Bayt’s tents. He drew his sword and ordered them to stop. Imam Hussain R.A asked Abbas to put his sword inside the sheath. When riders came closer, Imam Hussain R.A went towards them. He said that he’d been waiting for them. It was Hurr and his son. 

Al-Hurr ibn Yazid Al-Tamimi was the general of the Ummayad army dispatched from Kufa, Iraq to intercept al-Husayn ibn Ali ibn Abu Talib.

He stopped Imam Hussain R.A from going to Kufa and compelled him to go to Karbala. However, the conversation turned into an alliance. Despite Hurr’s actions that brought Imam Hussain R.A to the desert where he had to bear days of thirst. Hurr sought forgiveness and Imam Hussain R.A, with all his might granted him forgiveness and honoured him by letting him fight for Islam and the Prophet’s family. 

Hurr’s story tell us that it is never too late to fight evil. Allah never shuts down doors of forgiveness. Hurr took his last breaths in Imam Hussain’s lap. When he died, Imam Hussain and Hazrat Abbas carried his body back from the battlefield.

Beshak Ali ke laal ki mehnat hai karbala

Zahra ke khandaan ki daulat hai karbala

jo bhi yaha’n hussain ka zawwar ban gaya

Hurr ban gaya koi, koi Mukhtar ban gaya

(Karbala Mashallah, Rehan Azmi and Nadeem Sarwar) 

If Hurr, whose actions caused Prophet’s family to suffer, can be forgiven, what reason do you have to think that you won’t be forgiven by the Almighty?

Fatima Akhtar
Fatima Akhtar
Fatima is an IBA student, owns critical perceptions around Social and GEO Political issues in Pakistan. Behind her glasses, is brains with strong opinion, great knowledge and critical thought process.

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