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5 good reasons not to miss 021 Disrupt

With 021Disrupt less than a week away, my heart rate has begun its ascent.

During Nov 10th and 11th 2018, the Nest I/O is hosting 021 Disrupt in the city of the sea with various activities, discussion panels, and the one-on-one sessions with investors. 1,000+ attendees, 50+ speakers, and 100+ startups from across the globe will all meet under the same roof in Karachi, for “the largest tech conference in Pakistan”

16+ investment firms will be in attendance at 021Disrupt 2018 as active members to invest, judge and mentor the startups, professionals and individuals. Meaning you will be on the floor full of sages, savants and speakers on November 10th –11th, as well as in the pool of fun, food and freaking knowledge. If you’re in attendance, come to find me, and I’d love to chat!

021Disrupt’s structure is stylized into specialized workshops, panel discussions, stage speakers, startup pitches and much more that will bear their own individual topics and speakers. Some, but not all, of the themes will be discussed on-stage and away from the stage are:

Robotics, AI, Fintech, Big Data, The Future of Work, Sustainability, VR & AR, Technology, Marketing, Growth Metrics, Pitches, Media and Popular Entrepreneurial Culture, the Sharing Economy, Pakistan’s Government Policy & Crossover, Cybersecurity, Scalability, Blockchain and much more.

Still not certain 021Disrupt is the place for you? Or, you’re planning on attending, but don’t know where to focus your energy?

Don’t worry…. I’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 solid reasons not to miss 021Disrupt Conference. I’m sure you won’t regret the shot.

1.      The Best in Class Global Speakers

We all look up to the summits and conferences happening across the globe, but we’re often unable to make it to those events due to high cost and tough entrance requisites. 021Disrupt is specifically designed on international lines and standards to lift the face of the Pakistani Entrepreneurial Eco-System and is providing a chance to you and all local entrepreneurs to experience and interact with an array of specialized international speakers in our own homeland.

Speakers from different parts of the world are landing in for this event and will be on stage with their wisdom, experience and experimental journeys. It will be overwhelming but if you can take on a visible role, that’s an easy way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

2.      Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with 1500+ VIPs, Delegates, Mentors, Startup Founders, Industry Gurus, and Investors. There would be no wall between you and the person you would like to speak to, swap your card and get to the top of the mountain! It’s not only about meeting the best people in town but you may win a few great friends for life. All you need is to be there with an open heart and a free mind.

Come on, feel the rhythm.

3.      Pitches

Whether you own a startup or planning to have one, this segment of the conference will help you understand the power of words to play on, ideas that equip long-term visions, how investors engage the presenters and a lot that occurs in between the process. You’ll be able to test the waters in a completely comforting yet challenging environment.

4.      16+ Investment Firms

If you aren’t ready and not showing up as a startup in this conference, you will still get to learn and understand about the investors coming in. You may get the opportunity to get their insights on how and where they invest and what they look for in a team and the idea. And if you’re one of the startups, then this is going to be a golden key to unlock the moment. Startups will get a chance to have a detailed one-on-one exchange with the investors and mentors of their choice from home and abroad. You’ll get the opportunity to initiate investment deals, lock a few supporting hands, explore areas for collaboration and take home invaluable advice from the best in the global startup ecosystem.

5.      Fun, Fun and Fun

If something interests you, learning becomes fun and if it’s complemented by good food, music and people, what more would you want? The 021Disrupt team is paying special attention to the content they’re bringing on the table. Whether it be people, giveaways, food or music, they give you the best possible.

This conference will pull you away from the extra noise, to give you the relaxation and thrills you need to prepare for the tech arena! Don’t limit your experience to yourself. The real deal starts by sharing it with others. For all those entrepreneurs, professionals and students looking for a little extra excitement, sign up for 021Disrupt.

Take Away: You’ll walk away feeling recharged and super excited to get back to work. Not to mention, the insights you’ll bring home will take your startup strategies to the next level. So take a load off for two days and join all the best people in 021Disrupt.

What to bring to this conference:

  1. Enough of Business Cards
  2. Be armed with a goal and a plan
  3. Mobile Chargers or Power Banks
  4. Laptop if you feel the need.
  5. A big smile!

Don’t be afraid to break a move!

You can reach out to me directly at – I’m glad I’ve reserved my ticket, have you got one? No! Whattttt??? Get one now!

Madiha Ahmed
Madiha Ahmed
Madiha (Yusuf) Ahmed is an Independent Journalist, ideally reports technology updates, social happenings and covers features. Professionally, she is serving as a Manager Content in a Digital Agency and specialises in Content Curation, Strategy and Marketing.

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