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5 Signature Restaurants in Lahore, Pakistan

Food Tours, Famous Restuarants in Lahore

Lahore is best known for its scrumptious cuisines and the love for food. From appetizing “Lahori Paya“ to famous “Fiqay Ki Lassi”; and delicious “Amritsari Hareesa” to mouth-melting “Nisbat Golgapay”; everything is solely the soul of Lahori cuisine available in any of the signature restaurants in Lahore.

Here are the top Five Best Restaurants in Lahore offering divine cuisines and food flavours. Whenever you happen to visit the city, you must at least once try these food places to explore the mouthwatering taste and cultural heritage of Lahore!

Salt’ n Pepper Village, Lahore

The Salt’ n Pepper Village is Pakistan’s most widely recognized and highly distinguished hospitality brand, observed by both local as well as foreign observers. Salt’ n Pepper Village offers ultimate dining experience, extraordinary service, and an outstanding array of classic and contemporary cuisines. From small family occasions to executive business dinners, this decent place is where unforgettable memories are carved. It has also created a new revival concept of “Live Buffet” in a ‘bazaar’ like typical hygienic atmosphere enabling a spacious seating capacity of over 350 guests. Comfortably located, at MM Alam Road and DHA, both branches of Salt’ n Pepper Village offers Lunch, Hi-Tea, and Dinner at Rs. 1075, Rs. 850 and Rs.1495 respectively for adults. Children discounts are also available at a less price. Traditional Halwa Puri Nashta is served on Sunday Only. It offers Free Delivery, Valet Parking and Take-Away value-added facilities to its best.

Bar B Q Tonight, Lahore

Bar.B.Q Tonight stands as one of the Best Restaurants in Lahore that serves cravings of all authentic Pakistani flavours including Bar.B.Q, Afghan, Eastern, Seafood and Steak Specialities. With the beloved inception of Bar.B.Q Tonight, Lahore has become aromatized with flavoursome atmosphere ever more than before. All items are individually priced for visitors to try a variety of combinations; facilitated with free home delivery and take away service. My personal suggestion: do not let ‘Lahori Chops’ stay untasted – My bet that you will experience the flavour of every cent worth it!

Arcadian Café, Lahore

Arcadian offers a vast range of cuisines; from Asian Fusion, Italian, Continental, and French cuisines. Located at about 28-K MM Alam Road, Arcadian offers a unique oblong 360-degree beverage and smoothie flourished bar where guests can thoroughly enjoy any of their comprehensive selection. Their novelty dishes include Red Dragon Chicken, Weaveball Prawns, Basil Leaf Chicken and 3 Cheese Chicken as a speciality. It offers every morning with a wide array of traditional plus English Arcadian Breakfast along with Lunch and Dinner with every item individually priced on their website.

Andaaz Restaurant, Lahore

At Andaaz, you can indulge yourself into genuine Indian, Pakistani, Halal, Vegetarian-Friendly, and Vegan Options. It is located carrying stunning views of elegant Badshahi Mosque as well as Lahore Fort. Its speciality includes ‘Real Tandoori Barbecue’ served with mystical majestic Mughal hospitality.

Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant, Lahore

If you are a Chinese food lover, Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant is counted as one of the best Chinese Lahore Restaurants. It offers Asian and Thai to be explored in great variety. The choice of the Buffet is recommended most at Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant.

Does this article invoke hunger cramps in you? Get your cravings nurtured at these Best Restaurants in Lahore to get immersed in flavours and fly in colours!

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