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A Look Inside The Growing Chant – Kashmir Banega Pakistan!

Kashmir Banega Pakistan - Independence Day Special

Curfew. Gunshots. Shelling. Protests. Isolation….

Amidst all of chaos, Kashmir chants “Kashmir banega Pakistan” – “Azadi ka matlab kya?” – “Hum lekey rahengay azadi”. It has been more than 7 decades since the Muslims of Indian subcontinent chanted for freedom. However, it is an entirely different situation for Kashmiris. 

Today, we celebrate our 72nd Independence Day. While for the people of Kashmir, it has been 72 years of oppression. 

Especially now, when the state of Kashmir has been ripped off of its special status, Kashmiris live in a constant state of fear and anxiety. This time the fear is different. It is not only curfew, imprisonment, rape, terrorist label, and being killed they fear. 

This time, it is genocide and settler colonialism. This time, they fear that Kashmir is the next Palestine. 

On August 8th, 2019, Indian Prime Minister said that the revocation of Act 370 was necessary to free Jammu and Kashmir from terrorism. If Kashmiris, who are fighting for their freedom, are terrorists then what actually defines Narendra Modi himself, who allowed Gujarat Riots 2002 to take place in which thousands of Muslims lost their lives. 

India’s internal clashes over article 370

After the cabinet mission, it was decided that the states with majority of Muslim population would join Pakistan’s constituent assembly. While, Hindu majority states were to join India’s. 

Whereas, the fates of princely states were to be decided by their rulers. Present day Gujarat then formed the states of Junagerh and Manavader. The rulers of these two states were Muslims but majority of population was Hindu. The rulers decided to be a part of Pakistan but India declared that majority of population there was Hindu so they should be a part of India. The exact opposite thing happened in Kashmir where a Hindu ruler decided the fate of his Muslim subjects and despite of Muslims majority, India unofficially maintains the dominance over the valley even decades later. 

The question is how long Kashmir has to face the oppression? How long will our politicians and public figures will give statements on the issue? How long will we keep writing about it? How long before we forget about our oppressed brothers and sisters in Kashmir? 

The biggest question is, are the allies of Pakistan and UN in favor of the abrogation of special status of Jammu and Kashmir? The answer is simple, yet eye opening – NO! The shortest and the most challenging response Pakistan has ever got in the history is making Pakistan a little cornered with the statements below:

  • United Nations Security Council with its president Joanna Wronecka refused to make any comments on the subject presented by Pakistan over the recent revocation of Article 370.
  • Taliban’s spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahed said, “Linking the issue of Kashmir with that of Afghanistan by some parties will not aid in improving the crisis at hand because the issue of Afghanistan is not related to Kashmir in any way.”
  • US seems to put down all the guards and promises recently made to our PM Imran Khan – In response to the development in Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan’s push, US State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said there was no change in the country’s policy on Kashmir. The US called for restraint and appealed to both India and Pakistan to maintain calm in the region.
  • China can’t decide – Initially, China did comment in support of Pakistan, however, after a meeting between Qureshi and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, China issued a statement saying, “The Kashmir issue is a dispute left from the colonial history. It should be properly and peacefully resolved based on the UN Charter, relevant UN Security Council resolutions and bilateral agreement.”
  • OIC came as a shock for Pakistan – The OIC said that “following a request from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, an urgent meeting of the OIC Contact Group” on 6 August 2019 to review the recent developments in Jammu and Kashmir. In the concluding statement, the OIC talked raised concerns about “gross human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir” but called for a “negotiated settlement” through talks between the two countries.
  • As always, Russia’s unequivocal support to India is visible. Russia has urged both countries to maintain peace through dialogue which is nothing but a way to play, yet not to play its diplomatic part in stopping India from constant human right’s violation in Jammu & Kashmir.

When all the bilateral relationships and allies have distant themselves from the issue of Kashmir and have left Pakistan to play alone, it’s time when you and I stand tall and united with the Forces of Pakistan and let India witness 65 and Kargil again.

As freedom is every human’s right, we, who are born in an independent country and have only known freedom, don’t realize what a blessing freedom is. We cannot exactly understand their fears when street curfew is enforced. We cannot understand their frustration as a wailing mother cradles the dead body of her martyred son while the world watches silently. We cannot understand the pain of a father who carries his daughter who has been blinded by pellets. 

This Independence Day, let’s not forget to tell the world Kashmir banega Pakistan. Let’s stand in solidarity with Kashmiris. Let’s show the world who is the freedom fighter and who is the terrorist. Let’s make India know that any action towards turning Kashmir into Palestine will be asking for trouble.  Kashmir has suffered enough. Now, Kashmiris want justice and freedom either as an independent territory or as a part of Pakistan.

Happy Independence Day to Pakistan and surely Kashmir in the coming years!

This is an independence day special edition from our team to instill that Muslims must live and breathe together and strive for the betterment of each other – It is either Kashmir with Pakistan or nothing at all.

Fatima Akhtar
Fatima Akhtar
Fatima is an IBA student, owns critical perceptions around Social and GEO Political issues in Pakistan. Behind her glasses, is brains with strong opinion, great knowledge and critical thought process.

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