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DolceVita Home Store Visit
Karachi – Standing tall with a crystal glass exterior, a three-floor design store by DolceVita Home is a combination of both classical and modern era furnishings – exudes volumes of conceptual brilliance and creativity of lifestyle decor.

As you walk in, the first thing you’ll witness is soft music in the background, a mix of contemporary furnishings and an aroma of freshly brewed coffee! Yes, you got it right – This lifestyle store houses a live Côte Rôtie café on the right and an opulent arrangement of dining tables and high-end lounge seating on the left to help you feel home and comfortable!

Côte Rôtie café

The high roofed ethereal structure laced with Edison styled lamps and golden chandeliers to aircraft driven bar counters, will inspire you traipse around the artistic cadence of modern furnishings, holistically designed to communicate novel art, history and heritage.

With an unparalleled selection of premium home furnishings and accessories, this place will take you to places and make you travel back in time and stories of the begotten classical eras, intricately reinstated through art, centrepieces and accessories.

Elegant and Classic Marble Top Dining Table

As you explore further, you will be taken by class, stature and luxury together. With highly engineered recliners, exquisite bed & vanity sets, and consoles topped with a range of contemporary home décor pieces, you’ll relive the timeless Victorian era with vintage steampunk inspired statement furniture and art pieces.

While touring, you’ll endorse that convenience is kept at priority, an elevator is installed to move to the top floors but there’s another dimension throughout the stairs. A series of wall hangings, chandeliers and accessories at the display, each tells a different story and sets a new boundary of decor.

The first floor, ideally developed as a sleep centre passionately calls for sleep enthusiasts, brings you an array of plush modern amenities, combined with a brilliant amalgamation of rustic art and comfort. You may drool for all but there’s always the perfect fit you can put your hands on!

You’re open to testing, try out a few built-in features and get the right fit to add oomph to your room. The entire floor radiates a very warm and cosy, yet a very libertine and lavish vibe.

Synonymous with luxury, class and craftsmanship, Dolce Vita Home is a premium extension of the parent company ‘Diamond Group’, catering to high-end target market with custom built furnishing and interior solutions. Having for over 40 years of excellence in sleep technology foams, they’ve stretched their domain and expertise to luxury and comfortable home solutions.

So whether you’re on a lookout to lift your home persona, revamp your lifestyle, or simply looking for high-end orthopaedic mattresses, Bluetooth enabled recliners, fully structured bar counters, or a sophisticated Winston Eggchair, there’s no better place than the legacy holder, Dolce Vita Home – a must-go-to home store carrying an eclectic range of pieces to suit contemporary spaces while giving comfort the utmost importance.

Winston Egg Chair at Dolce Vita Home

I’m still living in the experiences I had at the store. It was a meet and greet event for architects and design think tanks, and I was invited to cover it. Fortunately, I’m a design enthusiast myself and look for small details in craftsmanship and this is one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed the look and feel, the depth of artefacts and the overall ambience of the store.

Anam Mudassir, Director at Dolce Vita (left) with the guests and her team at the event.

If you want to know more about Dolce Vita Home, visit here. You can also reach us via

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