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Advertising on News In Store is a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience in a creative and compelling way. We present your message in a bigger, bolder and more beautiful way than any other online platform.

Our Advertising Guide:

News In Store strictly follows a certain advertising guide to entertain our advertisers in giving them the right voice at the right frequency. Our advertising guide is applicable to parties interested in Advertising with News In Store.

  1. We do not encourage discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion or nationality.
  2. No propagating/false content/ad/video is allowed on News In Store’s main website or any of its social media platforms.
  3. We work with individuals/brands/websites who do not promote discrimination,as mentioned above, in any form.
  4. The ad should be in line with the policy of News In Store. All content will be reviewed by News In Store’s in-house team.
  5. We do not allow use of images that are copyrighted to any other party until we are allowed to give credit to the third party involved.
  6. Before we approve any advertising request, we retain the right of seeing if the ad fits for our audience and respects our discrimination policy. Hence, an advertising request does not instantly guarantee a reserved space on our website.
  7. We reserve the right to not accept your ad/content in case any of the above rules have been violated.

Endorsement and Product Review Policy:

News In Store maintains that all endorsements and product reviews shared on our website is solely our own opinion and we will not promote false reviews in any form. We do both free and paid product/brand endorsements however, we explicitly mention ‘PAID’ while endorsing it.

If you wish to advertise with us, write to us at