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An Exhibition ‘DIRILIS’ Revisits The Forgotten Islamic Art

The first ever Islamic Geometric Art Exhibition ‘DIRILIS’ held at the VM Art Gallery organized by The Froebel’s High School, Karachi.

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Karachi:  The Grand Art Exhibition was inaugurated by the distinguished guest Rafia Azfar Zaidi MPA Sind Assembly and Abdul Jabbar Gul, Guest of Honor and Respectable Judge.

Aiming to revive the long forgotten Islamic Art and Heritage, The Froebel’s High School showcased a compendium of beautifully crafted artefacts, based on ‘Dirilis, a Turkish term which means ‘Resurrection’, rightfully presented in the collection exhibited in the show.

Design and Technology Teacher, Syed Adnan Ahmed Sabzwari headed the show, followed by the Art Teacher Muneeb Khanzada – the faculty members of The Froebel’s High School, Karachi.

Syed Adnan Sabzwari (left) – Muneeb Khanzada (right)

Sabzwari says “I used Islamic Art as a therapy to constructively channelize behavioural patterns of the growing students. I’m proud to mention that four of our students are going to compete in an International Exhibition, and will contribute as the youngest Islamic Art artists. This unique form of art inculcates different aspects of science, mathematics, and technology while encouraging young artists to think beyond normalcy.”

Photo Courtesy: The Froebel’s High School

Eisha Tariq Rehman, Founder and Principle of the Froebel’s High School says, “This exhibition was long planned and involved tremendous amount of hard work by our students, faculty members and parents. It is a dream come true and we take great pride in initiating Islamic Art, Calligraphy and Wood Crafts while integrating Modern Fine Arts together as a holistic approach.

Founder and Principal – Mrs Eisha Tariq Rehman (Right)

Our Art teachers have not just trained our students how to approach it, but to enjoy Arts and Crafts from the core of it. They have paved new directions and visions for the students” – added Mrs Tariq.

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Abdul Jabbar Gul, Guest of Honor and Judge, “This is one of its kinds Islamic Art exhibition and deserves huge appreciation. The school has unveiled new dimensions, have changed the course of the subject in an extremely positive way. The most empowering element that I’ve observed that this exhibition reflects emotional bond of an artist to his work, setting the epitome of the Islamic Art Heritage.”

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Young artists seemed to have great ‘Appetite for Revolution’, all set to pursue Arts formally and professionally. Students shared that they are preparing handcrafted 3D models and soon going to present it to the audience.

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I’m amazed to see these art pieces, showing incredible efforts by the School, its management and the students. I can’t really put in words, how excited I’m to witness this! – says a parent at the exhibition.

All the art work was brilliantly developed by the age group of 10 to 15 years. The exhibition lasted for 4 days and was well received by the parents, varying institutions and the walk-in audiences. Lifting the positive face of Pakistan, the event got covered by numerous TV channels. .

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