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BaseH Technologies Launches Pakistan’s First AI Writer

Pakistan’s First Premier Artificial Intelligence company, BaseH Technologies launches ‘Dante’, the first ever AI Journalist.

Dignitaries at the launching ceremony of ‘Dante’ by BaseH Technologies at the National Incubation Center, Karachi.

This AI reporter is capable of assessing daily news headlines and grading them as positive’ and ‘negative while combining it with hard market data to depict the financial trends. Through the filtered data and the rightly conceived ‘Sentiment Analysis’, Dante is able to create the news about the closing of the Pakistan Stock Exchange in less than a minute.

Anis Sheikh, Founder BaseH Technologies says, “We started working on the idea in 2009 and wanted to make a writer. Soon we realized the complexity, therefore we ended up developing a ‘reader’ which reads the way we ‘write’. Later, we worked on developing the AI Robot writer – Dante, named after the literary scholar. It is able to produce the ‘Financial Headlines’ and relevant content of max 350 words. Currently, it is releasing closing reports of Pakistan Stocks Exchange. However, Dante’s potential is exceptionally versatile and is capable of releasing weather reports, football match releases and generic political news.”

As the media industry continues to downsize the human resources, Dante is seen as an alternative. Many of the investors and three of the media groups have reached out the founders, and have gone aboard as monthly/annual subscribers.

Monthly subscription starts from US$ 1500 and ends at the US $ 50K depending on the services chosen by the end user. To elevate growth, BaseH Technologies has successfully raised a seed fund from Elahi Group of Companies at a valuation of $4 million.

Elahi Group of Companies (ECG), an emerging conglomerate in Pakistan, has stepped up as an angel investor to fund the development of this cutting-edge AI-startup.

Danish Elahi, CEO of Elahi Group and Anis Sheikh, CEO of the BaseH Technologies signs the investment agreement.

Anis Sheikh states that the need of human reporters will remain there for the end product that has to be scrutinized and tweaked by the real human resources.

Pakistan’s I.T industry is all set to top the world. If there is anything you would like add, please comment.

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