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Bohri Thaal: The Most Eloquent Experience in Pakistan’s Food Customs

Pakistan accommodates Bohra community and beyond everything, this community is the most recognised for its quaint customs. When it comes to top thaalis in Pakistan; a Bohri thaal comes ranking among the most liked and appreciated between all experienced from different communities residing in Pakistan.

In our case, we’re excited to add the Bohri Thaal story to our food section since the day we tried a Bohri Thaal in their customary wedding event. The Bohri Thaal experience left the flavours and aromas still alive and well-remembered till date.

Bohri Thaal: A Lavish Experience:

Bohri Thaal literally illustrates a full of variety ‘community kitchen’ lavish experience dominantly among all Pakistan Food Tours. It comes with its own style including a traditional spread of tastes— where eight diners on average sit around a Thaal (giant platter which is perched on a usually round shaped tarakti stand), that is eventually placed on a significantly sized safra (a big square cloth mat). The thaal includes a delicious host of the traditional sweet dish (mithaas) to be taken just after tasting a pinch of salt. The sweet is followed by taking bohra’s special savoury (kharaas) courses which are then alternated by the passage as the meal further progresses.

Combination of Masalas:

Distinctive and balanced combinations of whole mixed masalas are very common in Bohra kitchens among all food tours, like the abundant use of cashew powder to add nutritional richness to several types of gravies. Another speciality is their multilayered style of cooking, evidently visible in bohri biryanis. A very dominant aspect of traditional Bohri cooking is that the flavours are specific and are not overpowering. While a collective host of masalas are being used, the very end product specially tends to be on the much milder side, and exclusively very rich.

Dabba Gosht-A Dreamy Main Course of Bohri Thaal:

Traditional Bohri Thaal – Photo Credit: Author at News In Store

Take, for instance, the recipe of dreamy Dabba Gosht, which is a Bohri thaal’s main course item. When Dabba Gosht is served, it comes with a mouthwatering veneer of hot bubbling ghee to aromatically enhance its creamy texture and taste, while tendering base of mutton. It comes well-covered and richly garnished with macaroni, yummy béchamel sauce, boiled and sliced eggs, sliced green vegetables, and crunched coconuts — all textured like edible velvet to melt on your tongue. Everything is topped and tempered with a lavish crystal clear layer of hot boiling ghee, much topped which fresh coriander and mint sprinkle, spiced up with chopped green chillies which are scattered after cooked crisp.

And, while there’s a vastly varying host of Bohri savoury items to offer and celebrate in any of the Bohri food tours, let’s not omit the instalments of typical Bohri mithaas at any meal — from wheat, fried jaggery, sprinkled khoya and ghee all swirled into a sweet dish called Malida; a very silken, very mild yoghurt kheer called ‘Karamara’ topped with pops of pomegranate seeds; the yummy and nutritious Kharak Halwa made of soaked wholesome dry dates; hand-churned fluffy orange ice cream, and a much more to add — to lace the entire palate and keep up your appetite crave for more and more, course after course, standing as the most mouth tempting experience among entire Food Tour Pakistan!

Have you ever tried Bohri Thaal? Share us your experience here or try today to immerse into the divine flavours of Bohri Thaal. Share your feedback and yes, don’t forget to subscribe to News In Store.

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