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Bullying - The Key Reason to Violence and Suicidal Thoughts

A tremendously painful act, bullying shatters the confidence of the victim and completely ruins a person’s self-esteem. Whether a person is active in bullying others or is a victim of bullying, this mere act is damaging enough to leave a life-long impact on the personalities of the victim as well as the bully.

According to research, people who suffered insomnia and were found depressed more likely to experience bullying in the past month than others. It was also found that bullying has a strong connection with violence and suicidal behavior, particularly increases the risk of anxiety and depression in adolescents.

With some more research, it was revealed that the fear of bullying makes approximately 160000 children skip school every day. Moreover, ninety percent of students between the grades 4 and 8 report being victims of bullying and 1 in 7 students within grades K-12 either come out as a bully or a victim of bullying.

In less than a years time, five suicidal cases in Pakistan went viral out of many still unreported. All five spoke about bullying and peer-pressure.

  1. Tasneem Ahmad, a resident of Mardan, allegedly committed suicide at Seena Hall of the college. His last Facebook update was, a quote of a Brazilian author Paulo Coelho: “It takes a huge effort to free yourself from memory.”
  2. Yousaf Pirkani, a third-year student at Bolan Medical College, committed suicide due to mental stress and depression after he failed exams. He was actively voicing against the student favouritism in the faculty, at last, lost hope and gave up his own life.
  3. Saifullah Jamali, a student of chemical engineering at the NFC Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research (IEFR), shot himself in front of the university gate. He was consistently being ‘bullied’ by the varsity administration and left a handwritten note for his parents and friends. It clearly states, “Do not investigate my death and let people touch my dead body.”
  4. Rushan Farrukh, a resident of Lahore, was a student of the fifth semester of Visual Arts and Design committed suicide. Her last update was visibly clear but none turned to her help – “If I decided to kill myself anytime soon, I want you all to remember me like this. Just in this saree, on a spring afternoon looking happy, too happy!”.
  5. Anam Tanoli, a twenty-six-year-old model and actress took her life out of verbal bullying from her surroundings. The deceased released a video message against bullying before she was found dead.

The social media statuses of all five were alarming before they committed the act but none could identify what’s playing up in their minds. However, all four showed signs of peer-pressure, bullying and contrasting chronic and episodic depression. It’s time when parents, friends and relevant support system start acting responsibly towards the growing inclination of an individual. Bullying leading to depression and mental health is real.

If by chance, bullied victim survives, the life they lead gets miserable especially when they get into further relationships and commitments. They tend to reflect and execute their internalized aggression to their closed ones like spouse, children, parents and so on.


There are usually three types of bullying which include verbal bullying, social bullying, and physical bullying. However, there is a trend rising up as Cyber Bullying‘, which is one of the most excruciating forms of all.

Verbal bullying is the writing or saying of mean, aggressive things which takes the form of name-calling, body shaming, inappropriate sexual comments, and taunting.

Social bullying refers to hurting someone in public to destroy their reputation or damaging a person’s self-confidence through toxic relationships. This can be seen as leaving someone out on purpose, insulting or embarrassing someone in public or spreading rumors.

Physical bullying refers to causing harm to someone through physical actions like hitting, spitting or pushing.


Typically, social, cultural and family issues play a huge part in promoting such behavior among youngsters. Children or people who bully others are victims of low self-esteem, abusive family environment, failed social relationships, lack of communication and education. Families, guardians and teachers who fail to provide a loving environment are most likely to give birth to aggressive behavior in their kids leading to multiple mental and physical disorders.


People who experience bullying in their childhood are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, eating or sleeping disorders. They lose interest in daily activities and are twice more likely to develop suicidal behavior. They insist on skipping or dropping out of school and commonly show a drop in academic performance. Gradually, they slip into social isolation.

However, bullying does not only affect the victims. It also leaves a lasting impact on the person carrying out the act and the bystanders. Kids who are the bystanders or bullies are likely to indulge in alcohol abuse as adults, engage in early sexual activities or have an abusive relationship with their life partners and children when they grow up.

“It badly hurts victim’s self-esteem besides damaging his or her personality that requires a long time and hectic efforts on part of parents to rebuild the child’s shattered confidence”- Academic, Farkhanda Jabeen.

In order to prevent the long-term hazards of this destructive culture, it is necessary for all parents and teachers to pay close attention to their kid’s and partner’s changing habits and pick up possible warning signs. Listen to them and speak if there’s anything bothering them. ‘The best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts.’Academic, Nosheen Rauf

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Areeba Sabir
Areeba Sabir
Areeba Sabir is a passionate reader and writer. She has been spilling poetry from her heart from a very young age. She tends to notice the smallest of things and spreads awareness about them. Currently, she is working as a freelance writer and looking for interesting platforms to further enhance her skills.

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