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C100 Think Tank: Brilliant Initiative to Make Pakistan a $2 Trillion Economy by 2047

Pakistan@100: Shaping the Future

Karachi – Earlier this week, C100 Think Tank in collaboration with the World Bank conducted two consecutive events in Karachi and Lahore to emphasize on Pakistan’s socioeconomic stability via policy changes in the domains like Taxation, Capital Markets, Governance, Islamic Banking, Education, EODB and International Relations.

Top tiers from across the country were invited to aim attention at the underlying issues obstructing Pakistan’s intellectual, social and economic growth for the past 71 years. The core purpose was to further the initiative of C100 Think Tank about making Pakistan – a $ 2 Trillion Economy on its 100th birthday by 2047.

The talk was focused on the narrative of a recent report by the World Bank ‘Pakistan@100: Shaping the Future’, an effort to engender more vibrant policy debates on what the future should hold for Pakistan.

C100 Think Tank – Karachi Event

Country’s top performing professionals like Naeem Zamindar, Salim Ghauri, Munir Kamal, Hans Timmer, Muneeza Butt, Kamran Nasir and many others were benched in their respective cities to exchange views on Pakistan’s current scenario and steps to be taken in making Pakistan a strong and confident upper middle-income country by the time it turns 100 years in 2047.

Some of the event highlights are:

Mr. Zeshan Afzal, President & MD C100, shared:We realize that after 70 years of its creation, Pakistan is still mired in such challenges as weak economy, population spurt, poverty, and environmental degradation. Resolving these challenges could take Pakistan to a $2 trillion economy by the year 2047.

This calls for dialogues like the one we are having here today with top corporate leaders of the country exchanging views on how to rise to the challenges ahead and usher in a period of reform that transforms Pakistan’s socioeconomic outlook. We will be working closely with the World Bank and Pakistan’s corporate leadership to encourage such dialogue across the country.”

Salim Ghauri spoke about how India was prepared for the I.T boost in the era 1995 – 2000, and now that Pakistan is ready, we must not let this opportunity go. There’s a large number of students and professionals who are making great revenues by providing I.T services in the international markets. Hence, Pakistan can cash great opportunities if channelized the right resources at the right time.

C100 Think Tank – Lahore Event

Corporate elites discussed about how Pakistan can leverage great results by amending policies and easing up for the country’s startup Eco-system.

Special emphasis was paid over women inclusion, contribution and the resilience they bring in the growth process of Pakistan. As a country with over 50% of the women population, a lot needs to be done to lift the face of the country. It’s time when institutions, organizations and other leading bodies must ensure that the infrastructure and hierarchy support women performances and are celebrated in the mainstream.

On the contrary, women need to educate and employ the mindset that they aren’t the neglected base, and Pakistan does have a strong women representation at a corporate level. However, significant plans and advanced execution are the need of time.

Many others spoke about the hardcore optimism, positivity and hope that have built up in the youth of Pakistan. It is a great sign of the force coming forward, thus they must be given access to financial and legal connectivity within the markets.

Today, C100 Think Tank works with over 450 executives from across Pakistan, many of whom are heading multi-billion companies, representing on numerous local and multinational corporations are utilizing cumulative intellect to drive social and financial stability via actionable plans and strategic execution throughout the country.

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Madiha Ahmed
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