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Coke Studio 11: The downright fall of the Pakistani Music

The Sound of Nation – Coke Studio Season 11 kicked off with a rendition of popular nazm ‘Hum Deikheingay’. As much as the promo looked promising, raised the bar of millions of fans, the game changed its face as the episodes began to hit the audience.

The stardom of Naya Coke Studio with Naye Producers fell in the face of the followers who were expecting Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi to outperform the music gurus like Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia.

Despite the fact that Coke Studio Pakistan is the only show that uplifted the spirit of Pakistan, carved out endless opportunities for Pakistani Singers and grabbed international appreciation and attention; unfortunately failed to deliver and pick up from where the previous party left.

Season 11 arrived with the series of episodes with matchless combinations, left everyone in disbelief if they are getting the right stuff. Countless comments poured out on the Coke Studio’s Official YouTube Channel where international audience and fans from across the globe have shared their views of giving Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi a chance proved to be the biggest mistake ever.

The newest duo – Ali Hamza and Zohaib took forward with a vision to combine myriad musical influences, from traditional classical, folk, Sufi, qawwali, ghazal and bhangra music to contemporary hip-hop, rock and pop music; however ended up experimenting combinations that were off the taste and understanding.

Surprisingly, Season 11 promised to celebrate cultural diversity and pluralism by way of music and people gave enough time to the Duo to come up with good remixes and compositions until Ko Ko Korina fell in the lap as a rotten apple. The outrage blew up on social media platforms and went viral until the singers have to come out and fight for their experimental journeys. This wave overlooked some of the good pieces like Aurangzeb – Mughal – e – Funk, Dildar Sadqay, Roye Roye, Aatish etc.

As our team walked out on the streets of Karachi to listen to the common views, we had to shove in the comments we never expected.

“Coke Studio made the worst decision of the history by handing over it to Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi. We don’t want them to tarnish the concrete standing of Pakistani Talent like this – completely absurd.” – says Shumaila Jaffri, a coke studio fan and diehard follower.

“Had hai Bhai, Kahan say laatey hain yeah loog? Kaun deita hai inhey yeh ijjazat key itney barey barey legends key songs ki band baja dein?” – added Zaki, A Salon Owner.

“I think the producers are trying too hard to be different, rather they must focus on the combos they are introducing to the world which is not yet ready for these unconventional releases.” – says Hajra Siddiqui, a committed businesswoman.

“I request the management of Coke Studio to rethink the decision and give it back to the perfect power doublet, Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood, they took it to the next level and it just took one season to break it down to ashes”, says Komal Raza. She added some of the combinations looked completely forced for the sake to win screen share, but it didn’t work.

The appalling adversity didn’t stop here, restuarants and retailers announced multiple deals over ‘Ko Ko Korina’

Cafe Liquiteria dared its customers to listen the remix of ‘Ko Ko Korina’ to avail deal discounts.

There is no denial to the hard work this new duo has put into by giving transgender an opportunity, by bringing western players on the stage, exposing young lyari talent, and by adding true Sufi kalam to the taste by there is something that didn’t work out so well.

Photo Credit: Coke Studio Official Release

From the change in stage display to the experimental music, this season has come to an end with a distaste to the majority of Coke Studio fans and followers, not just in Pakistan but to the vast outside majority. We to see a great comeback of Coke Studio Season 12, whether be it by the same duo or anyother, we’re not yet ready to receive any experimental music in the year to come.

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Madiha Ahmed
Madiha Ahmed
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