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Coke Studio needs to step up the game after Nescafé Basement Season 5

Karachi: Unveiling the perfect set of songs in Nescafé Basement 5, episode 1, a new life seems to thrive to the ebbing Nescafe’ Basement.

After Coke Studio’s 11th season by Ali Hamza and Zohaib, many had been bashing the duo for their not-so-cool music combinations and compositions.

The dust hasn’t even settled when Nescafé Basement returned with high spirited music tracks in Season 5, yet raised another bar for its competitor – Coke Studio.

Produced by Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan urf Xulfi, Nescafé Basement Season 5 – episode 1 touched the ground with two amazingly curated songs – Bol Hu and Mehbooba.

Producer Nescafé Basement – Xulfi

The most differential feature in both the songs is the addition and tremendous display of young and raw talent – a 13-year-old, Sinnan Salman in ‘Mehbooba’ and an eight-year-old, Hadia Hashmi in ‘Bol Hu’.

News In Store

The original of the band Soch, Bol Hu as the first epic release of this season swept the show, leaving the audience in the moment of awe. Hadia’s range of music is beyond belief. From the arrangement of vocals to the build-ups, everything seems to fall just perfect and priceless!

Second heroic release of episode 1 – Mehbooba is a rendition on Haroon’s famous release in 2002. On the reception of ‘Mehbooba’ in episode 1, the audience is blown away by the perfect spin of controls.  

Haroon couldn’t stop himself from admiring the remix and admitting that he’s really happy with Xulfi’s excellent augmentation of a 16.5 years old track.  

Encompassing 73 unique artists from different music genres, Xulfi is all set to unfold the best in class music compositions and remixes in the following season.

On the contrary, with Coke Studio’s two vanilla seasons back to back, the audience has mixed feelings for the upcoming season 12.

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However, good news seems to surface that Coke Studio’s maestro – Rohail Hyatt is coming back with his unmatched excellence and well sought after musicians.

Courtesy: Coke Studio Official

While Coke Studio is arguably the biggest music show from our part of the world, Nescafé Basement is another such venture that has moved from strength to strength in a very short time.

It wouldn’t be wrong that Nescafé Basement Season 5 has made it a little more difficult, but there’s nothing Rohail Hyatt can’t do to take the place again! We’re all looking forward to having the best in class series in Coke Studio Season 12.

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