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Disrupt: the new app making waves in the Startup Eco-system of Pakistan

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If you haven’t tried Disrupt yet, you’re surely missing out a great deal. This small icon on your mobile screen is a power packed Silicon Valley of Pakistan. All you need is to download the app, become a member for free and boom- you’re all set to navigate through Pakistan’s startup eco-system!

With 10 brilliant features, this app is capable of opening countless doors and endless opportunities. Whether it be seeking mentoring, registering to an event or reaching out to potential investors, this single screen is your perfect go-to outlet.

Some of the best features are:


This feature brings you for over 200 industry gurus at your choice. You can check the person’s profile and request one-on-one meet up. Disrupt will organize it for you.

The list of professionals is increasing with every passing day and you will soon enjoy even greater pool under one platform.

Market Access:

Upon trying this feature, you’ll realize that the huge market is at your doorstep, you name it and it’s there. The list is growing and have room to accommodate many others but for a start, it’s gearing up fast.

Investment Opportunity:

This feature saves you from a time-taking plunge of steering through different investor’s profile and pitching them individually. At a click, you’re able to fill up the form and submit, the team will connect you to potential investors and your profile will be open to all relevant investors.


This feature stands out for its not-so-annoying event pop-ups! If you’re tired of getting hundreds of emails for one event, this is how you can get rid of them. Events happening around appear in the events section and a single pop-up appears at the top. Either you register or ignore, it doesn’t keep popping around in the middle of the screen.


Who wouldn’t want discount? This app has a feature that allows you to check avail discounts at a variety of places, courses and medical treatments. As said earlier, this app is in its beta, spreading quickly and soon will become a hub for tech startups, students, investors and mentors.

Upon finding this cool app interesting, our team spoke to the founder – Kanwal Manroor, Director TECH Pakistan Ltd.

Photo Courtesy: Kanwal Masroor Official Facebook
NIS: What’s your core belief behind the app – Disrupt?

KM: The core belief is to develop a product equivalent to Google. Disrupt is a complete eco-system for everyone to grow and avail the opportunities. The basic idea is to create a virtual ‘Silicon Valley’ and a marketplace where everyone has the opportunity and incentives to interact, grow and benefit each other.

NIS: What’s your goal within and outside Pakistan?

KM: We’ve already started with the local organizations and very soon will be onboarding many others. However, our ultimate goal is to connect global markets from August 2019, bridging up the gaps between the Silicon Valley and Pakistani startup eco-system. We look forward to making it a dream place for startups and investors both.

NIS: How’s the response and how do you foresee it in the near future?

KM: The response is tremendously overwhelming. We’ve got tractions more than we had expected. We’re approached by some of the global organizations. This launch is the MVP, we’re going to add more features, and will remain evolving it for good.

Summing up the conversation, Kanwal strongly believes in having more than one ‘Silicon Valley’ specifically in the APAC region, where emerging markets like Pakistan can boast and grow many folds at a higher speed and market valuation.

“Pakistan can only mend the 100 year gap by excelling in technology and pulling in more investment from the global technology game players like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, PayPal & others and Disrupt is one way to add to the eco-system.” – says, Masroor.

There are more interesting features but we’ve left a little spice for you. Try downloading the app to check it now! It is available for both – Android and IOS.

The app is still improving and has a lot of room for improvement. The good news is that people from abroad can also join in the Disrupt community to explore the Pakistani market, which can dramatically increase the opportunities for locals and international players.

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