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Movie Releasing this Eid 2019 in Pakistan

Its that time of the year againnn! Save your ‘Eidi’, because a lot of it will be going into getting tickets for the upcoming cinema releases this eid.

A little description will help you decide which ones to go for to make the most of your time, efforts and money! After all, this is what eid is about; colours, happiness, fun and some laughter. So sit back, relax and read through to decide the best pick.


Wahajat Rauf had been making his audience curious with his next film. Well, it’s here with just a few more days to go! Adding to the curiosity by fun-filled bloopers and premiers, Wajahat himself and the lead cast that includes Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman and Zara Noor Abbas have raised enough to go housefull (Ooooo-oh can you all wait before I pre-book my ticket for this movie :D). We can’t say much for now except that it’s going to be a good laugh and lighthearted love story! (I believe Romantic – Comedies have the ability to uplift your mood 10x times). Do you believe in the power of rom-coms?

Since, the much anticipated Wajahat Rauf’s Chhalwa is expected to release on Eid-ul-Fitr 2019, we also assume that it is going to clash with a few other great movies such as Bilal Lashari’s Legend of the Maula Jutt and Yasir Nawaz’s Wrong Number 2.

By taking a sneak peek at the trailer we can guess that it’s going to revolve around some shaadi siyaapa because the ever gorgeous and the Tamgha e Imtiaz holder star, Mehwish Hayat can be seen wearing a heavy bridal lehnga along with sneakers which is unusual and unique unless it’s a runaway bride; well it could be anything but making me curious and excited for this upcoming movie.

Wrong Number 2

A sequel to hit cinemas this eid. Sami Khan and Neelum Muneer will be seen opposite to each other in the sequel of Wrong Number (originally released in 2015). The director Yasir Nawaz, has announced the release of this super cute and super romantic plus comedy movie around Eid 2019.

You may doubt the couple for not being the crowd pullers in their previous films but Yasir seems to experiment something light and renewed in them! We wish them both good luck for their upcoming endeavours.

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Are you ready for this mind-boggling movie which has already crossed approximately $137.3 million in the domestic business and $275.3 million in worldwide business? Buckle up and get ready to enjoy Aladdin, standing tall in the top hollywood films of 2019.

Bringing the exotic Indo-South African actress Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine, Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari as Jafar the great enchanter, and Iranian-American Navid Negahban as the Sultan on a single screen has stirred enough emotions and sensation for this action-live remake. So, its time to relive your childhood story and the moments you enjoyed the most about the flying carpet and the genie.

Aladdin is hitting cinemas in Pakistan from June 5th onward and is open for pre-bookings. What are you waiting for? Grab your seat to witness the biggest blockbuster from your very own – Walt Disney!

Have anything to add about the above Cinema releases this eid? Feel free to share it in the comments below!

Ayesha Noor
Ayesha Noor
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