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Eid Special: Chinese Mutton Chops!

Chinese Mutton Chops Recipe at

Tadaaa….our second special edition for this Eid is Chinese Mutton Chops! I hope you loved our ‘Iranian Perfumed Lamb Roast’. This recipe is not just delicious but quite different from the contemporary bar b que chops…..I would suggest to give this a try…..the best part is, you can prepare this on the go.

Let’s begin with the Ingredients for Chinese Mutton Chops:

  • 1 kg Mutton Chops
  • 2 tablespoon honey 
  • 6 clove garlic , chopped 
  • 1 tablespoon ginger paste 
  • 3 tablespoon soy sauce 
  • 2 tablespoon cooking oil, preferably sesame seeds oil
  • Black pepper to taste ( you can also use chili flakes) 
  • Salt to taste 
Eid Ul Adha Special Recipe: Iranian Perfumed Lamb

Preparation for Chinese Chops:

Mix everything in a bowl ,  taste and adjust the seasoning. keep aside.

Clean and wash lamb chops , pat dry with a kitchen towel to remove excess water. 

In a baking dish, arrange lamb chops and pour the seasoning, make sure to coat both sides. 

Cover the baking dish with foil paper twice and put it in the center of the oven and let it cook for 90 Minutes on 160C.

Or arrange the chops on a baking try  and grill in oven for 30 minutes 
Remove from oven , sprinkle some sesame seeds and serve hot. 

You can see I’ve sprinkled almonds around on the baking tray before putting in the oven, it’s a self addition but these roasted almonds taste heavens! If don’t want nuts around, feel free to ignore it. It doesn’t make any difference on the main course.

I hope you like it. Wishing you all a very happy Eid Mubarak 🙂 If there’s any ambiguity, feel free to comment or write to me at

Chef Farah Zubair
Chef Farah Zubair
Faraah Zubair holds a degree in Mass Communication but her love for food was destined. Her culinary journey started in Thailand after completing a specialised cooking course from the Blue Elephant Cooking School in Bangkok. She travelled extensively and served in a number of countries from Thailand to Egypt, Jordan and later in Beirut. After acquiring Culinary Certification from the Jordan University of Hospitality Management, she moved to Lyon for her Bachelor's in French Pastry at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie (ENSP) France. Alongside, Farah is a Pastry Chef at a Restuarant - Le Mercière, Lyon France

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