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How Did Brands Play Around The Black Hole News?

How did Brands play around the Black hole news?

As a fact, consumer association with brands is real and people often buy brands before the product. And this is why there is a constant struggle between the big players and huge money gets involved in the process.

This often leads to brand war with tactics like viral marketing, brand advertisement wars, ambush and evangelism marketing etc. However, black hole event didn’t lead to any controvertial brand war but stirred many to act and cash the moment.

As soon as the blackhole news broke out, everyone was blown away by it. And why not?

The Black Hole Story

It is one of the biggest achievements in recent years. The extraction of the gigantic black hole picture is remarkable, shows a black hole 55 million light-years from Earth in the neighbouring galaxy M87.

Named as Dubbed Pōwehi from the Hawaiian mythology meaning “embellished dark source of unending creation,” it is 6.5 billion times as massive as the sun and has a diameter of 24 billion miles. Its mass and powerful gravity cast a shadow against the bright, hot gas swirling around it, creating a distinctive doughnut shape.

The story doesn’t end, and while the black hole picture is being celebrated, brands took on the opportunity to plan around it. Trying to keep a twist of wit and sarcasm, the blackhole was kept central to get maximum attention and engagement.


One of the famous ‘Condom’ brands took the black hole news to a whole new level with a hashtag – #OwnYourSituation

“Like the rest of the world, we can understand the fascination and excitement about finding a new hole in the universe.”

Durex – Top Content

If the second thing that went viral after the original black hole news, it was Durex’s situational ad post, achieved 55k likes and 45K shares.

Here we must recall the trendsetter, Oreo which took over the boards and screens for not just a few hours, but for months and even today, it is taken into account as one of the best digital experiences that we had witnessed in history.

How? Read in full here.


Mild brand war seems to surface too: Huawei brilliantly trolled Samsung by catching the latest ‘Black Hole Discovery’ with one crisp statement – ‘There are so many black holes in the galaxy, we told you’, says Huawei!

Witness the black hole in galaxy yourself. What other proof do you need? #RewriteTheRules with #HuaweiP30Series now. People were expecting a rebuttle but Samsung let it settle without dragging it further.


Reflecting a super creative side, Pepsi came up a quick short ad around the black hole. As always, Pepsi’s intellectual display won the show!

“What’s on the other side of a #BlackHole? All the Flavor. Zero the Sugar.” With this coming from Pepsi, coke followers felt a little left out, got nothing to cheers to while Pepsi got all the free space.

Jazz made an effort too and made sense to many! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any defensive response from Telenor, Zong or Ufone.

Everything is better with #JazzSuper4G #BlackHole

Some of the global brands like Krispy Kreme, Xmen, Denny’s, Dunkin Donuts, Zomato, Ubereats etc. also cashed the opportunity and kept it on a lighter note.

It’s interesting to see how brands piled over the opportunity but it’s alarming too! Marketers, conceptualists, copywriters and most importantly the agencies who want to top the brand storytelling must have their eyes and earing open to surveillance, with a knack to cash over the trending local and global issues. You may later be judged and selected by your ability to respond to the happenings that too when the world is shaken by the biggest news ever!

It’s not necessary though, but acting over global occurrences is one of the best ways to position brand, voice out the belief and head the show over competitors.

Individuals were as active as any brand, and some of the cheeky tweets we came across are:

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Madiha Ahmed
Madiha Ahmed
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