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Muharram 5th: The Story of Aun & Muhammad in the battlefield of Karbala

5th Muharram: In the memory of Aun O Muhammad

Waqt E Akhir Jo Liya Mamoo ne Aghosh Mein Sar

Unki Aghosh Mein Yeh Mout Lagi Pholoon Ka Gehna

(Wasiyat e Aun o Muhammad, Farhan Ali Waris) 

On the night of Ashura, Bibi Zainab wife of Abdullah ibn Ja’far, biological mother of Aun and a step mother to Muhammad, yet shared equal love and emotional bondage with both – Aun & Muhammad. She told them that their mother would be ashamed, if the next day anything happened to the son of Fatima Zahra R.A while sons of Zainab are alive.

Aun and Muhammad were 13 and 11 years old and were to represent their grandfathers, Jafar bin Tayyar and Ali ibn Abi Talib, on the battlefield. Aun and Muhammad were their parents “sadiqah” for Imam Hussein R.A. 

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Despite their youth, both, Aun and Muhammad, fought bravely like their grandfathers. They killed many known warriors of Yazid’s army. 

When Aun and Muhammad were gravely wounded, they didn’t call for Imam Hussein R.A. As Bibi Zainab had instructed them that Imam Hussein had been picking up corpses of his companions all day long. When they were taking their last breaths, Imam Hussein came to them. The boys told him to tell their mother that they didn’t go near the riverbank as promised to Bibi Zainab. 

Hukm jo maa ne diya, rukh na kiya nehr ka, pyaas ka sadma saha,

Maa ne kaha, shukr-e-khuda, huway fida,

(Aun o Muhammad Mere, Nadeem Sarwar & Rehan Azmi)

On Sham e Ghareeban, all ladies mourned their sons. No one mourned Aun and Muhammad. Shimr asked Imam Sajjad, Imam Hussein’s son, if the boys’ mother is dead. Bibi Zainab overheard this and said,

“I came to Karbala as Fatima Zahra and not Zainab binte Ali. How can I leave Hussein’s corpse and mourn my sons? If I had a thousand sons, I would’ve sacrificed all of them upon my brother.”

It reminds the significance of sacrifice and patience in fulfilling relationships and family ties. We wish the entire Muslim ummah to unite and live in peace.

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