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Meet the Wonder Woman, Mahwash Syed, President Panache’ Global

Interview with Mahwash Syed, President Panache Global, CEO Stonehenge Communications

We often talk about positivity, perception and perseverance but very few seem to walk the talk. Having met Mahwash Syed, President Panache Global and CEO of Stonehenge Communications, we found her a strong advocate of positivity and resilience; she credits her success to the alacrity she practices in her life.

News Icon: Heart to Heart Talk with Syed Sarim

Syed Sarim with

Syed Sarim, widely known for ‘Digital Growth Hacking’ and ‘Lean Startup Mentoring’ in the industry but very few know what exactly are Sarim’s daily struggles! His accidental health concerns shook many in the industry; therefore, News In Store team approached to know him a little more closely. Here’s our heart

Zenith Irfan, Pakistan’s First Badass Woman Biker!

Zenith Irfan Feature

Zenith Irfan emerged as an icon of strength, perseverance and determination. This Lahore born idealist became Pakistan’s first woman biker at the age of 20 by breathing life to her father’s dream. Her father dreamt of travelling around the world on a motorbike but couldn’t achieve because of his early

Visually Impaired, Zarina Hassan Advocates ‘Social Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities’

Zarina Hassan Climbed Sadhu's Retreat

Meet Zarina Hassan, the epitome of courage, power and hope in the face of Pakistan. Her heart-wrenching tale of self- discovery quivers the heart from the core, yet restores faith in life. Ms Hassan was leading a successful life when incidentally fell prey to a life-altering disease, glaucoma at the

Meet the Distinguished Design Enthusiast, Roshaan Saeed – Founder ‘Stippple’

Seeing Roshaan all over the social media for her winnings, events and community contributions, we thought to know her a little more closely. Luckily, we got the opportunity and here we are with Roshaan and her Startup Journey. NIS: Please help us walk through yourself and your skill specificities. RS: I’ve been