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NIDA YASIR SHOW: It’s time to call an immediate shut down

A sudden wave of anger arose after the show on Mohammad Ahmed Shah went live on Oct 22nd, 2018. The host Nida Yasir was found not just appalling but insensitive and extremely unprepared for a child-centred show. A huge number of audience is demanding quick action from PEMRA.

With a constant series of horrendous content like provoking Skin Whitening consciousness in teenage girls to Fake Shadi Events, Nida Yasir’s Morning Junk – Good Morning Pakistan completely lost its fragile standing by covering a 3-year-old – Mohammad Ahmed Shah from Dera Ismail Khan, for his reactions over small things.

The host displayed the audacity of provoking the little boy over small things like doughnuts, yellow bouncing ball and even checked if he could be bribed for his love for toys. No games, no activities but a show of 2.5 hours with full of utter nonsense. Apart from Ahmed Shah, other random kids were asked, if their parents fight in front of them? Does their mother cry if the father yells at home? They were even asked to ‘pout’ for a selfie.

Nida Yasir and her show, ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ have been in talks for planting fake people, fake stories and dummy ‘Peers’ and ‘Mind Readers’ to win viewership and ratings. It’s been a decade that Maya Khan’s Morning Show was called off by covering fake couples and planted people to portray a social cause. Considering the list of miserably failed content at Nida Yasir’s Show, the majority of conscious viewers are now demanding an immediate ban on the show. This will alarm other morning show hosts that either they work on constructive content or they must shut down.

Earlier, Nida ran a full show on skin whitening injections for teenage girls. This shows how much we have digressed and developing inferiority complex for our natural skin colour, our genetics and our identity. Is there any authority checking or screening the content of our National Television Programs? The deplorable state of television content shows that Pemra hasn’t been active enough to put a pause on such comprised morning shows.

A Teenage Girl getting Whitening Injection Treatment at Nida Yasir’s Show – Good Morning Pakistan at ARY Digital

Upon reaching out to the public, we received infuriated responses over the show that aired on Oct 22nd, 2018. “We’re miserably failing to produce good shows, there is no check on the literacy of the host or the content curators, it looks that these shows are purposefully produced to cater to a certain audience but instead of educating them good things, we are still stuck on ‘Gori Skin’, ‘Shadi Styles’, ‘Body Shaming’ etc.”, says – Asma Khan, a school teacher.

“I condemn all Morning Shows because they are all more or less same – simply pathetic. I’ve banned it in my house, instead, we prefer watching good shows on Netflix.” – says, Shahab ud Din Amir, a banker by profession.



Responsible citizens can collectively stop sending their kids to these shows and must stop watching on an individual level. Pemra hasn’t yet released any statement of it, yet its high time authorities must school national media platforms through power, force and penalties.

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Madiha Ahmed
Madiha Ahmed
Madiha (Yusuf) Ahmed is an Independent Journalist, ideally reports technology updates, social happenings and covers features. Professionally, she is serving as a Manager Content in a Digital Agency and specialises in Content Curation, Strategy and Marketing.

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