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Pakistani Youtuber’s Fight Getting Bigger Than Kashmir

Pakistani Youtubers in Controvery over Kashmir Issue

Would writing an article on Indian oppression in Kashmir make any difference? Would tweeting or posting statuses about the situation in the valley, change the situation of Kashmir? It’s a yes yes yes! If not officially but socially.

We know it won’t get you Kashmir the next moment but we still talk about the issue because we have a voice. Especially in today’s world, each one of us, with an internet connection and a social media account, can voice our opinions to the world. We are privileged to have a voice but it is our responsibility to do so.

Recently, Irfan Junejo, one of the famous Pakistani Youtubers, justified his stance on not making a video on Kashmir. He said that because he didn’t make any video on Quetta Hazara killings or Shia protests, he won’t make one on Kashmir either.

Quite arguably provoking, isn’t it? If I had missed Fajr, I would miss Zuhr too! It sounds strange because it absolutely doesn’t make any sense but then it is Junejo’s choice not to do it. None can force it. However, if he was aware of Hazara killings and Shia genocide and still didn’t make one then he was wrong in the first place and repeating it over Kashmir issue is costing him big time.

Before we move forward, let’s not forget the science of influence. Being an influence-rrrrr, Junejo claims to have influence over his fans and followers no matter how big or small, but he does hold a part in their thought process. People look up to the influencers like Junejo, Mooroo, Junaid, Ducky and they follow for directions in life and often blindly take them as their role models.

Let’s just take a step back and think of the Sham Idrees & Froggy Versus Ducky Bhai Issue – from all kinds of classless acts to blaming, shaming and catcalling – there was absolutely nothing that stayed behind from each side, especially from the supporters. If the love and sentiments of the fans and followers weren’t there for these Pakistani Youtubers, it was nothing but a trash case! The issue caught attention, made rounds on social media and was once became the talk of the town.

If Junejo still believes that his voice doesn’t make a difference, he’s living on the ninth sky – unreachable! If he, being a well-known YouTuber had covered Kashmir with his original thoughts, it would have been impactful.

However, if he wants to skip political and religious issues on his discretion, nobody has the right to force him and let’s not make it a fight of Subscribe and Unsubscribe – Let Junejo have his own space and love for it.

In his personal support, he mentioned that MKBHD, an American YouTuber, didn’t make a video about, American President, Donald Trump’s policies and YouTubers from the UK didn’t make a video on BREXIT. It is important to note the difference between the Kashmir situation and the issues he presented.

It’s not Imran Khan’s policies or Pakistan’s withdrawal from some union that we are talking about. It’s KASHMIR, an oppressed state where people are living in curfew for more than two weeks. They have no access to food or medicine. They can’t leave their houses. They’re being arrested. They’re living in constant fear that you and I can’t imagine.

Hassan Minhaj, Indian American comedian, talked about the Kashmir issue. Some Pakistani influencers just retweeted the clip; he shared from his upcoming episode of Patriot Act.

Additionally, Junaid Akram also refused to make a video on the Kashmir issue. He, in his Instagram stories, said that we’re turning into a fascist society like India where people label each other anti-nationals over little things. On this, I second his opinion. Questioning others’ patriotism and labelling them traitors won’t help us in spreading awareness about the real issue.

He also said that his video will not benefit Kashmir in any way. When an influencer with a large international following would create content on Kashmir, it may not turn things upside down. However, it will definitely make some people think about Indian atrocities in Kashmir and talk about the oppressed Kashmiris. 

The question still prevails, would Junaid ever mind his language before addressing the public? Is this what he wants young followers to take home? The MCs & BCs and what not? Moreover, why did Junaid feel bad when you’re being pushed by the annoying DMs you get? Or let’s say Khalli Karao 🙂

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Waqar Zaka, who never ceases any opportunity to top over Junejo says, let’s forgive Irfan, “Woh apna baccha hai” – however, he didn’t fail to criticize Irfan Junejo’s publicity strategy over cashing the moment – “Bhai ney bohat hi ghalat strategy istimal ki, per koi nahi hojata hai.” Did Waqar fail to cash on the opportunity? Its a vicious cycle that runs and everyone gets to it.

Surprisingly, most followed Pakistani Youtuber like Mooroo uttered nothing! He definitely learned from his past mistake on putting his nose in Sham Idrees and Ducky Bhai’s business. He openly admitted and pulled himself out from the turmoil. However, Mooroo’s fans expected him to comment on Kashmir and could have saved his Travel Vlogs for later.

Silence, Silence & Silence over Kashmir shows that everyone is saving for the good day. It can’t be a coincidence that every single Pakistani Youtuber is out and down on the current tensions.

Gladly, Junejo was respectable in his responses towards the audience – but Pakistani Youtubers aka In-FLU-encers need to understand when they hold a seat amongst the public, look beyond and think about the responsibility they hold for it.

Have anything to add more on Pakistani Youtubers? Feel free to share your views on the above.

Fatima Akhtar
Fatima Akhtar
Fatima is an IBA student, owns critical perceptions around Social and GEO Political issues in Pakistan. Behind her glasses, is brains with strong opinion, great knowledge and critical thought process.

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