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8 Facts You Had Never Known About A Narcissist

8 Facts You Had Never Known About A Narcissist

Excessive Self Praise - Domination - Criticism - Exploitation - Unempathetic are just a few signs, you may witness in a friend and shrug it off out of love - it's time to burst the bubble, take off your rose colored glasses and understand, your friend could be a full


Bullying - The Key Reason to Violence and Suicidal Thoughts

BULLYING HAS ALARMINGLY INCREASED THE RISK OF VIOLENCE AND SUICIDAL BEHAVIOR IN THE YOUTH. A tremendously painful act, bullying shatters the confidence of the victim and completely ruins a person’s self-esteem. Whether a person is active in bullying others or is a victim of bullying, this mere act is damaging enough

Beware: Pornography In Children Has Become A Real Challenge!

Today, pornography in children has become a real challenge in Pakistan and must be taken care of as critically as possible. Despite the fact that smoking is bad for our health, it took decades to actually practice that smoking is injurious for health. Yet, we’re going through the same cycle again;

NIDA YASIR SHOW: It’s time to call an immediate shut down

A sudden wave of anger arose after the show on Mohammad Ahmed Shah went live on Oct 22nd, 2018. The host Nida Yasir was found not just appalling but insensitive and extremely unprepared for a child-centred show. A huge number of audience is demanding quick action from PEMRA. With a constant

Tips to handle your child’s everyday showdown over clothes!

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Stop stabbing your beautiful mornings with cranky cries! Become a guide. Is your child troubling you by laying down the law about her clothing choices? If yes, don’t let your heart sink! I’m sure you are not the only mother saying yes to this question. With so much to do around

Dear New Mama: Your Empathy Is What Makes You So Powerful

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. - Honore de Balzac Dear Mom Maggy, Hope you're well. Please do not reveal my identity as I’m not comfortable with the situation I am going through these days. But I guess, I

The Importance of Self Control: See How a Marshmallow Test Shaped Up Child Development Psychology!

Experts say, exercising self-control is the key to success. Ever thought over, why you fail to resist and your willpower couldn’t stretch you longer, just when you need it most? Walter Mischel’s marshmallow test is one of the best studies to help people understand the importance of self-control. Mischel was a