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PM Imran Khan launches Pakistan’s E-Visa Services for 175 Countries

Prime Minister Imran Khan Launches E-Visa Services for 175 Countries

In order to promote tourism and business investments in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the online visa facilities for the citizens of 175 countries.

The new system is initially launched to cater to the people of China, Turkey, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. However, the service is soon going to be extended to over 175 countries in the world.

The portal would allow travellers to submit their details, documents and make an online payment in a press of a button. The visa would be processed in seven to ten days and would encourage the foreigners to visit Pakistan.

The new system is intricately designed to simplify the processing of work and business visa for the citizens of 96 countries. The government of Pakistan is also offering extension flexibility in visa duration for diplomats and students. However, the visa for the religious purpose will remain valid for 45 days.

A visa-on-arrival facility has been introduced for tourists of 50 countries, besides a business visa-on-arrival facility extended for citizens of 96 countries.

Those seeking on-arrival visa will be able to apply for electronic travel authorization at least 48 hours prior to travel and will be issued the visa at the port of entry. British and American citizens are also included in the on-arrival visa list.

“This is a first step and reflective of the confidence of the country as it opens its doors for investors, entrepreneurs, tourists and students; inviting them to come to visit Pakistan,” – says, PM Imran Khan in a group meeting of diplomats at the Prime Minister’s Office.

He further added,

“Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage, world’s highest peaks, diversity of landscape, four seasons, desert and beaches. We have double the size of land in Northern Areas than Switzerland with bewitching beauty.”

Its time when Pakistan must formally develop its tourism industry and contribute to the country’s economy. PM Imran Khan is determined to promote tourism in all domains be it religious, leisure or business. He emphasized the religious heritage like Buddhist sites, and other sacred temples for Sikhs, Hindus and Sufis; called for immediate preservation measures of old cities like Peshawar, Lahore, Multan and others.

In his speech, Khan identifies that Pakistan has plenty to offer to the tourism industry and relevant authorities must properly boost its skiing resorts, and other natural spots. Not just the locals, but the government is now proactively involved to promote tourism from outside Pakistan.

In a talk, PM Imran Khan shared that the tourism task force is specifically focused on restoring beach tourism and planning to have global talent involved in the construction of resorts.

“Pakistan today is a secure country, and has embarked on a journey of peace,” he added.

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