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Public Took Careem Acquisition A Little Too Seriously!

Uber Acquired Careem for US $3.1 Billion

While Uber and Careem celebrated the acquisition, public outpour was a mix plate!

Recently, Careem had been the talk of the town for ‘Dulhan Bhagana Hai Tou Careem Bulao’ but as soon as the acquisition news went out, Careem lovers outpoured a mix of grief, love and anger.

People skipped whining over the cultural damage that assumingly Careem had caused to the society and hopped to the sensation – UBER ACQUIRED CAREEM IN THE US $ 3.1 Billion.

It seemed that the ‘versus’ fight took a new route and the public went pushing the news; some in extreme anger, a few in disagreement and many in memes.

The news making countless rounds on the social media, memes topped the stage, “Dulhan ko Bhagatey Bhagatey khud shadi karkey beith gaye.”

Some trolled, “Careem’s Haq Maher is U.S $ 3.1 billion. Bohat Mehangi Dulhan hai.”

Others go like, “Uber apney ko tou sambhal lein, aik aur goad leilieya!”

The length couldn’t be stretched more when people called it a YAHOODI SAAZISH


Careem, the biggest ride-hailing app in the Middle East is acquired by Uber in U.S $ 3.1 billion. It is one of the biggest tech acquisitions happening in exchange of cash and securities that will convert into Uber shares when the company goes public.

However, Careem will continue to operate under its own brand as a subsidiary of Uber and would be led by CEO Mudassir Sheikha, the companies said in a statement Tuesday.

Founded in 2012, the Dubai based startup – Careem has become the regional market leader in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan and operates in 90 cities across 14 countries globally.

In an email to Uber staff members, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said keeping the Careem brand and operations “has the advantage of letting us build new products and try new ideas across not one, but two, strong brands.”

Moreover, Uber is all set to go public later this year, reportedly seeking a valuation of nearly $120 billion. Joining forces with Careem, the acquirer’s dominance over the Middle East region will stay upright and may help cut down losses in the US Company.

The reason for Careem’s fast-paced growth is the strategically implemented home-field advantage and local knowledge making the competition tougher for Uber since the American company entered the Middle East market after Careem in 2013.

Desi Duaein:

No matter what people say but when it comes to Uber Vs. Careem, it’s the latter that wins. Careem has always enjoyed a leg up in keeping its audience engaged, equipped and educated. It is in Careem’s DNA to give tastes to all. Whether it be humour, sarcasm or satire, Careem never fails to keep the audience engaged.

Wishing Careem our heartiest congratulations!

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