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Open Up, Share And Take A Step To A Free Life!

It takes a lot of courage to open up but it sets you free; gives you infinite freedom – from your fears, self-doubt, and hesitation!
News In Store remains open to hear your stories. We empathetically lend you our ears and take care of your privacy, so you can inspire us and our readership to live better lives.

Thinking what kind of story to share?

It can be about anything that has impacted you, your life or your relationships. It can be about a moment in time when you felt powerless or an incident when you felt powerful. Anything humorous that’s worth sharing. All we want you to understand, there is no such thing as ‘too trivial’. We want it all. And yes, it can be anonymous. Just be sure to be transparent so we get a feel and can reflect the same to inspire our global community, and be inspired in return.

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