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Unveiling the dynamic power couple behind the ‘Agri Tech’ startup – The Farms

Unveiling the dynamic power couple behind the Agri Tech startup - The Farms

After knowing Samar, Anas and their business goals, I could only think of; Coming together is beginningStaying together is progressAnd working together is Success - Henry Ford Samar, hailing from a conservative family, having lots of criticism and discouragement from the community and Anas from a

Fantastic Insights By The CEO of Tello Talk, Shahbaz Jamote

Great Insights by the CEO of Tello Talk, Shahbaz Jamote

Recently, Tello Talk - Pakistan's first messaging app was in talks and hype for winning its spot at Google's Demo Day APAC Finals 2019. Among 11 global startups, Tello Talk stood tall to represent Pakistan with its fully homegrown messaging platform on a global stage, and made us even

Huawei Devices Removed From Android Enterprise Recommended List & Android QBeta

Huawei removed from Google's Android Recommended List

The US-China trade war has been a roller coaster ride for all the smartphone users, especially for the Huawei fans. There seems to be no end to this 5G war any time soon. However, every day Huawei has something new to deal with. Some of Huawei devices like the Huawei

European Giants, EE & Vodafone Put Huawei’s Mate 20X (5G) Launch On Halt

EE and Vodafone Put Huawei’s Mate 20X (5G) launch on halt

In the ongoing US-China tug of war, UK’s famous mobile carriers EE and Vodafone have dropped Huawei devices from the launch plan of their respective 5G networks. According to both the carriers, they have put all the pre-orders for Huawei Mate 20X (5G) on hold, until they get the final

Bad News For Huawei Users: Google Ceased to Serve Huawei Anymore!

Google Ceased to Serve Huawei Anymore

Without any bulwark, Google announced to suspend business operations with Huawei in effect to an executive order signed by the U.S. President Trump on Wednesday, May 15th 2019. Huawei along with 68 of its subsidiaries was placed on the entity list, baring the company from purchasing android equipment

Insight: Why PayPal Refused To Operate In Pakistan?

PayPal refused to come to Pakistan

The news about the PayPal’s refusal to come to Pakistan spread like a wildfire. Rather we rant on the news, let’s take a closer look and start addressing the reasons as to why the global online payment platform refused to operate in Pakistan? Despite being the 4th largest freelancing community in

BYKEA bagged $ 5.7 Million in Series ‘A’ Investment

BYKEA bagged $ 5.7 Million in Series ‘A’ Investment

Karachi – Sarmayacar, Pakistan’s largest VC fund in partnership with Middle Eastern and Asian Investors put faith in Bykea, an on-demand ride-hailing and parcel delivery logistics startup, signed $5.7 Million in Series A Investment. Until today, it is one of the biggest closure of Series A by a startup in

News Icon: Heart to Heart Talk with Syed Sarim

Syed Sarim with

Syed Sarim, widely known for ‘Digital Growth Hacking’ and ‘Lean Startup Mentoring’ in the industry but very few know what exactly are Sarim’s daily struggles! His accidental health concerns shook many in the industry; therefore, News In Store team approached to know him a little more closely. Here’s our heart