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The Chocolate Mousse Mommy making waves in STEAM Education!

Parenting: Mommy Blogger Interview
A delightful stall at a hustling bustling event caught our attention and we thought of catching up with the brand and the person behind it. Meet Sanober Godil, a mom of 2, a blogger, an author of the book “Healthy Lunch Box Snack Ideas” and a coach of STEAM education.

In search of a cathartic space, where she could offer real meaning to knowledge and education to her own kids, Sanober devises workshops around healthy eating habits, science & technology, community work and how our Deen relates to everything around us.

Upon asking about the playful brand name, she smiled, “It was decided over a casual discussion with my husband when I told him that I want to start a venture that has ‘Chocolate Mousse’ in the name. He jumped off with surprise as he always wanted to do something around the similar name; he loves Chocolate Mousse to the Core.” – says, Godil

She further added, “I initially started as a blog in 2014. Later it turned into a formal space where I curate and create workshops for my kids and invite other moms to get involved in the process and give their children an opportunity to experiment hands-on activities and implement the knowledge they hold, relate to nature and our holy book – Quran.”

Differing from the regular perception of upbringing kids and holding an MIS degree, Godil consciously took a route to formulate STEAM EDUCATION into playful learning experiences for young minds between the age bracket – 4 to 10 and sometimes 12 years.

Being very crisp and clear with her vision, Sanober is setting a precedence that Science and Quran go hand in hand and are not at odds.

What exactly is STEAM TO DEEN?

Steam to Deen is a formal program based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. With our 3rd cycle in process, we have come up with well-curated and formulated content around how Deen could be incorporated with all latest additions of science and technology.

Our children must understand that the Quran has already said what’s been told today by science. We want children to know nature works on the embedded codes and is not just subjected to engineering. We advance them to be creative problem solvers and critical thinkers and come up with simple solutions to basic problems.

This time, we are having ‘STEAM to Deen Ramadan Camp’. In this 15 day camp, kids will explore one theory or law daily by conducting experiments, testing them, discussing the outcomes and answering related questions. The camp will run Mon-Fri for three consecutive weeks.

Any particular challenge that you cater to?

The challenge that we cater to is the emphasis on kids to have knowledge about Deen and Dunya together. We can’t expect kids to become better human beings or a better Muslim by just reading the Quran for 10 to 20 mins. As parents, we need to open up the real meaning of the verses through practical experiments and that’s what we do under our brand. We help children learn, think and apply through hands-on activities.

Our workshops help children to observe and reflect better while enabling them to use their knowledge in personal lives and societal development. Thus, Steam to Deen is all about scientific concepts, mathematical laws, nature’s theories and how each concept is beautifully embedded in our lives and surroundings.

Apart from our Steam to Deen program, we carry out activities like Plantation Drives, Healthy Eating Habits, Storytelling and many others.

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Next five years…

Ahhhh, we already have an online shop where we sell art kits and other stuff that are related to playful learning. We’re looking forward to shaping the entire thing into a formal space and institution. However, it is too soon to say anything, but there are things in progress.

Why blogging?

Believing in the divine concept of motherhood, I am a full-time stay at home mom. I would never want to leave my kids because of the business or job, so I started my own platform and stay flexible. I don’t have to leave kids unattended. Fortunately, I get to interact with like-minded people and constructive initiatives.

Any take on everyone becoming a mom blogger? Any advice?

I think everyone has their own way of blogging, many of them are doing great and are coming up with excellent ideas, tips and tricks. However, I believe, this should be thoroughly based on the choice and decision they take, not just to get on the bandwagon but to really make a difference.

I would say to all the mom bloggers, make your hands dirty, do the way you want and bring something unique, powerful and knowledgeable.

I’m not into presenting the picture perfect stuff about life, parenting or the challenges we face. I would rather say, let’s be honest with what life brings to us. I put snippets of my life that are more productive and useful for the audience.

The Chocolate Mousse Mommy has become a significant source of support and community for contemporary mothers. It has also become an appealing means of bringing awareness about productive parenting, as conscious parents want education to be more playful, authentic and relatable!

All in all, Sanober is happy by how the self-created blogosphere became a source of profound personal and professional significance.
Unlike many others, Sanober conveys a playful yet productive portrait of mom bloggers, not as commonly entitled, moms, chasing the latest fad–equivalent to digital scrapbooking.

To follow Sanober and her playful parenting blog, check her insta and facebook. And yes, time is running fast, don’t forget to register for her STEAM to DEEN Ramadan Camp.

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Madiha Ahmed
Madiha Ahmed
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