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Upwork to remove Skill Tests from profiles on July 9th

Upwork to remove Skill Tests from profiles on July 9th

Recently, Upwork announced to lift all skill tests from profiles on July 9th 2019. This development is the response to the internal research that Upwork conducted to gauge the impact of the skill tests on potential employers and freelancers.

Results show that the amount of the effort required to pass skill tests are not worth it as it doesn’t benefit anyone in the hiring process. Freelancers spend a heck of their time, money and efforts to meet as many competency tests as possible, whereas employers are found to ignore it while hiring any potential freelancer. They are more likely to base their decision upon the candidate’s strong portfolio, track records and reviews of the project. 

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Upwork outlines that according to multiple queries and complaints, the system reaches a conclusion that Skill Tests can be manipulated and quickly become outdated or irrelevant because of the ever changing industry requirements, especially in case of technical tests. This decreases the value and accuracy of skill test results to fairly reflect a freelancer’s proficiency in that skill.

In response to the data findings, Upwork will no longer provide or upgrade skill tests and is eliminating the skill tests mechanism from the process altogether. Upwork will also lift Skill Tests visibility from the profiles on July 9th, however, the existing registered freelancers will continue to maintain the points gained from previous skill tests for their profile completion.

This means that new freelancers will no longer have to pass skill tests on Upwork. The system is putting in place a new way to reach 100% profile completion and Upwork Readiness Test will continue to be required to be eligible for the Rising Talent Program.

There has been a mixed review and feedback from the freelance community. Many people have taken it as a positive and constructive step whereas, some are still not happy about it.

Best advise to begin with Freelancing at Upwork:

To get the best results out of your new profiles, carve out a specialised niche for you. It will help your profile pop to the right audience. Also, get through the Upwork Freelancer Manual, and videos in their Education Hub to thoroughly understand how Upwork works for all parties involved in the process.

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