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Well Timed, Here Comes the Official Trailer of ‘Sherdil’ Hitting Cinemas on March 22nd

Sherdil Official Trailer Review -

KARACHI: Dramatically timed and rightly synced by the well-built enthusiasm of the Pakistani Populace, Sherdil is predicted to go house full on March 22nd 2019.

Starring Mikaal Zulfiqar and Armeena Khan as main leads in Sherjil, the film also stars Hasan Niazi as the foe, Samina Ahmad and model Sabeeka Imam in supporting roles.

Delivering some of the most stupendous shots, fighter jets countering dog fights, maneuvering across the sky, is what encapsulates the eyeballs. In relevance to the country’s current political landscape, this movie is going to make people relive the ‘war of 1965’, the most desired punch of time.

The trailer says loud and clear that Mikaal plays an Airforce Cadet, turning into a trained Pakistani fighter pilot, including the highlights of his life at the PAF training academy and International Flying School.

Upon enquiring, Mikaal Zulfiqar says, “I’m playing an action-hero in the movie and the best is that it touches the right cords, bringing a lot more than only the frontline war trend, without being controversial.”

Armina Khan seems to breeze through her role, stealing the show with soft romance and especially in a scene that reveals her as a Sarah Francis.

Making a big comeback with the film, Khan says, “It’s a family movie with the right balance of love and struggles in the suggested field. I thoroughly enjoyed working and luckily, it’s going with the current spark trend.”

Shot by the renowned Hollywood Cinematographer, Riki Butland, delivered like never before. The audience seems thoroughly swept off by the real looking dogfight.

As far as the storyline is concerned, Nomaan Khan have done justice by vocalizing and building the right momentum through varying emotional facets.

The last part of the trailer is very close to ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’ where the girl’s mum demands to give up flying over love, but let’s not the thrill fade out, and wait for the movie………

Last but not least, the ending dialogue, “If I don’t return, tell my father ‘ke shaheed kabhi mara nahi karte (Martyrs never die!)”, made viewers skip the beat.

The film is releasing on March 22, 2019, clashing with two other on board, Laal Kabootar and Project Ghazi – The choice is yours!

Enjoy the trailer:

Sherdil’s Official Trailer

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