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Zenith Irfan, Pakistan’s First Badass Woman Biker!

Zenith Irfan Feature

Zenith Irfan emerged as an icon of strength, perseverance and determination. This Lahore born idealist became Pakistan’s first woman biker at the age of 20 by breathing life to her father’s dream. Her father dreamt of travelling around the world on a motorbike but couldn’t achieve because of his early demise. Zenith believed dreams are to be lived and she made it.

Breaking the deeply ingrained gender stereotype in the fabric of our society, Ms Irfan managed to travel around Pakistan on G-S 150 and ventured over some of the most difficult routes surpassing steep mountains and snowy hills.

On a course of her 20 day trip from Lahore through North Pakistan up to the Khunjerab Pass on the border with China, she travelled for over 3,200 kilometers, passing through Deosao Plains, known as one of the highest plateaus in the world.

On her way through Chilas, she was threatened by some of the conservative villagers, who threw rocks to shove Zenith away but her strong belief gave Zenith the strength of time – “I’m not so fearful because I know that if death has to come, it’ll come anyway even if I’m at home,” – says, Irfan.

Upon inquiring about her solo trips, she busted the bubble that she never went solo, she travels along with her brother and close friends. However, it is true that she is the only girl who managed to ride this length.

While the world lauded for her exceptional achievement and bravery, Adnan Sarwar had different plans. He directed a biopic on Ms Irfan, named ‘Motorcycle Girl’, played by Sohaye Ali Abro as the main lead. This film was shot to challenge the shackled society of archaic taboos like Larkiyan Bike Nahi Chala Sakti – Kum Hasso, Larkiyan Ziada Nahi Hasti. It was his attempt to empower women through inspiring stories.

Ms. Irfan was also featured by Nishat Group as a brand Ambassador for the campaign – ‘All About You” – “I can never thank Nishat Group enough for actually realizing that small dream and making it possible for me.” – says Irfan.

Unlike many, Zainub shares that the people of Pakistan were exceptionally helpful throughout her journey, suggested her different places and offered her maximum support during her trips. The tribal people were very welcoming and often proud to see Zainub driving across different plains and plateaus.

Riding for over 7000 kilometres across Pakistan, Zainub has recently graduated with BBA Hons in Marketing and Finance from the Lahore School of Economics, is involved in personal projects that she doesn’t want to reveal to her fans right now. This wonder woman has plans to tour across countries, once she achieves Pakistan. If you want to keep your eyes on Zainub, follow her blog here

Like Zainub, Pakistan has a myriad of talented women, advancing in different fields and directions across the globe. Together, Pakistan constitutes as a great nation of tomorrow!

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Shama Nadeem
Shama Nadeem
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